The Blue Breeze Inn

by - May 02, 2017

When stepping into The Blue Breeze Inn, you immediately sense a tropical island atmosphere with plant patterned seat covers, staff wearing tropical shirts, and ceiling fans. The restaurant offers modern Chinese food and creative drinks in a casual setting.

Steamed Dumpling of Black Tiger Prawn and Sesame (4) NZ$12
These were the best prawn dumplings we ever had. Surprisingly, they seem to be the work of a group of Western chefs (as there wasn't a single Asian chef to be seen in the kitchen). The chef must've been highly talented to create at least 10 foldings on each dumpling skin, a difficult task that is usually accomplished by experienced Chinese chefs. Most dumplings we have had in the past had about 5-6 foldings. The prawns were perfectly cooked with a bouncy texture and a hint of crunch. 

Steamed Bun with Roasted Pork Belly and Pickled Cucumber NZ$10
The steamed buns were soft, however the pork could have been more tender.

Steamed Dumpling of Pork and Black Truffle (4) NZ$12
These steamed dumplings were packed with juicy meat and the soup had a light truffle aroma.

Duck One Way NZ$65

We actually ordered the Peking Duck 3 Ways. The duck (one way) arrived quickly, however after a long wait we had a feeling the other two ways had been forgotten. This turned out to be the case so we ended just having the Duck One Way. Back to the taste test... the duck came with steamed pancakes and condiments including pickled cucumber, coriander, spring onion, kimchi, and fermented black beans. The duck was meaty, however the meat was a little fatty and lacked flavour. We also would have preferred crispier skin, which is how it is done traditionally.

Wok-fried Black Tiger Prawns NZ$30
The prawns were slightly overcooked leaving the meat rubbery and dry. Like the duck this dish could have used a bit more salt as well.

Boysenberry "Raw" Cheesecake Quenelle NZ$15
The boysenberry sorbet had a nice and strong flavour, however it was quite dense compared to normal sorbet - true to the cheesecake name. 

Choc Pot NZ$15
The spongy chocolate fondant was rich and moist, with hidden caramelized rhubarb chunks that balanced well with the bittersweet chocolate and coffee syrup.
Apple Flavoured Milk Tea NZ$10
The creamy milk tea had a hint of tea flavour and a strong apple flavour. For us it was new and pleasant. 

Tropical Fruit Punch Du Jour NZ$10
A drink that matched with the theme of the restaurant, just like the name suggested - a refreshing drink with a tropical punch. 

Food: 7/10 (+1 from the prawn dumplings)
Service: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6.5/10

  • Very tasty dumplings
  • Loved both drinks
  • The duck and prawns were let-downs

Address: 146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand 
Hours: Mon-Sun 12am- until late
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