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This is our first time coming to Quay, Mr Piggy and I were extremely excited also because we were invited here by our best friends for their wedding. Because of this very special day, we were able to enjoy good food with great company as well as the most stunning view you could get in Sydney!

Passion fruit and grapefruit mocktails were severed to begin the feast, followed by four starters. Each was interesting in its own way.

Prawn dumpling
Prawn dumpling - this deep fried dumpling had a crunchy outer shell while the inside was filled with small chunks of juicy and springy prawn meat. 

Arancini with truffle
These crunchy rice balls carried a hint of truffle flavour. 

The jamon had a nice cured flavour to it, the richness of the oil from the meat went well with the crispy bread. 

Scallop pearl
The scallop was very fresh and carried a hint of natural sweetness. It was shaped into a ball shape, which kind of resembled a real peal. The citrus topping gave it a refreshing touch. 

Nothing better than freshly baked bread! When we got it, it was still hot. The golden crust was sooo crunchy, and when teared in half a soft and airy inside was revealed.

Uni, Koshihikari Rice, Cured Egg Yolk, Fish Maw, Ama Ebi, Umami Broth
Each rice grain was smooth and silky, almost like a Japanese version of risotto. The prawns were so fresh that they carried a slight sweetness.The umami broth was rich in flavour and brought everything to harmony.

Raw Smoked Blackmore Wagyu,
Horseradish Soured Cream, Fermented Rye Crisps, Raw Fungi
This dish sparked our eyes with an interesting presentation using two kinds of mushrooms. At first we thought the mushrooms might taste a bit earthy, but to our surprise they were very tasty with the beef. An innovative dish that brought out the most natural flavour of each ingredient.

Murray Cod, Luffa, southern Squid, Sea Cucumber Crackling, Sake, Lemon
The steamed cod was cooked perfectly, and topped with tender calamari rings. The thin sea cucumber crackling added extra texture to the dish.

Roasted Duck, XO Stone Pot Rice, Pickled Mountain Turnips
This roasted duck was quite lean, however the meat was still tender. The pickled turnips had a sour zingy flavour to it, and the rice tasted almost like a denser version of sticky rice cracker.

Snow Egg
Quay's signature dessert 'Snow Egg' is cleverly mastered to create an egg-like appearance. This dessert is served using seasonal ingredients, and our version consisted of strawberry guava granita, strawberry and rhubarb fool, and strawberry ice cream. The best part was the moment when the crispy meringue shell was cracked open and the the strawberry centre oozed out. The granita was a refreshment to the palate.

Quay’s Seven Texture Valrhona Chocolate Cake
This cake is another of Quay's signature cakes, so we had to get it without any doubt. A warm chocolate sauce was poured over the cake, it was quite a show. 

A selection of cheeses
Dark chocolate & salted caramel
Vegan petits fours

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 10/10
Atmosphere: 10/10

  • Interesting entrees that were beautifully presented
  • Stunning view
  • Impeccable service
  • Mains could be more innovative

Website: http://www.quay.com.au/contact/
AddressOverseas Passenger Terminal, Hickson Rd, The Rocks NSW 2000
Hours: Mon-Thu 6pm-9:30pm
             Fri-Sun 12pm-1:30pm, 6pm-9:30pm
Phone: (02) 9251 5600
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