Antipodean Restaurant & Bar (Permanently Closed)

by - July 05, 2017

Gastro Park, one of Sydney's most renowned restaurants, has now become the Antipodean Restaurant & Bar. The name Antipodean refers to the restaurant's promise to use the finest produce from Australia and New Zealand. Under the same management, the decor of the new restaurant remains similar, with dim lighting and a semi-formal atmosphere.

Sourdough - butter $2 w/ Crab Sauce $3
Mr Piggy and I started with some sourdough, the warm crab bisque was interesting, but we felt the crab flavour was overpowered by the seasoning. The bread was nice but it would have been better if it was baked fresh.

Smoked John Dory Paste - Crisp Skins $7
We liked the idea of making a paste out of fish, and using the fish skin as chips. It tasted almost like a fancy version of canned tuna with mayo. The only downside was the fish paste was a bit salty. 

BBQ Moreton Bay Bug - Tomato Ceviche, Charcoal Coconut $27
The bay bug was seared perfectly and bathed in a creamy coconut sauce that had a South East Asian flavour. You will find this flavour familiar if you like Thai food. 

Seared Abalone - Soft Egg, Blue Mountain Shiitake $29
We enjoyed the slightly chewy abalone with the silky soft egg, the flavour and texture were well handled. The shiitake was fresh and flavourful.

Quail - Poached, Smoked, BBQ, Fried Beans, Seaweed $27
The quail meat was tender and succulent, but it was a bit sweet for us. We would have preferred it if it was more savory.

Chestnut Fed Beef Rib- Red Cabbage, Pickled Onion, Black Garlic $45
I have to say the beef rib was well executed, the meat was succulent and the flavour was spot on. However, the portion was quite small for the price, we were expecting a whole short rib

We also ordered a radish kombucha, which we never got. When we were on our third dish, we asked one of the ladies on the floor. She told us that they were still searching for it, which was apparently somewhere down in their basement. Since then we never heard anything from them again. There was no apology or explanation when we left. Our experience was a let down compared to when the restaurant was still known as Gastro Park. 

Food: 6/10
Service: 4/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

  • The abalone was both interesting and tasty
  • Several dishes were a bit too salty for us
  • Staff can be more attentive and polite
  • Didn't live up to the name of Gastro Park

Address5/9 Roslyn St, Potts Point NSW 2011
Hours: Permanently closed
Phone: (02) 8068 1017
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