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12-Micron has recently joined the club as one of the many trendy restaurants in Barangaroo. The restaurant is a little hidden away, being located above ground floor with the entrance inside an office building.  

Kangaroo, Davidsons Plum, Sourdough, Caper $23
Our friend ordered this dish and enjoyed the kangaroo tartare.

Moreton Bay Bug, Prawn, Crustacean Sauce $27
This was rather a light dish. The poached bay bug let the natural sweetness come through really well. The fettuccine had a nice al dente texture.
Pork Jowl, Black Pudding, Riberriers, Chestnut $25
This pork jowl was my favourite dish of the night. The meat had an interesting texture, it was somewhere between a soft and bouncy texture. I was pleasantly surprised by the black pudding crumbs, which didn't have a strange odor. It had a savory flavour which paired well with the meat. 

O'Conners 275g Scotch, Hand Cut Chips, Jus $45
I found the steak slightly overcooked, leaving the a bit meat dry and chewy.

Lamb, Purple Carrot, Quinoa, Curds, Whey $37
Mr Piggy had the lamb, which was a bit bloody to his liking.

Cherry Blossom $22
These cheesecake pebbles had a shinny coating with the centre filled with runny cherry jam. The cake itself had a smooth texture, and the pickled cherries added some acidity. The miso paste was used in a subtle way with few droplets spread out on the plate. 

Pistachio $20
The pistachio gelato was a letdown. We weren't expecting RivaReno quality, but this was a far cry even from Messina. It had a strong artificial flavour and likely wasn't made with any pistachios. The green tea sponge cake added an alternating texture but we wish this could be said about the taste as well. It could have been better if it was more bitter. The yuzu parfait was smooth and enjoyable, and we were glad it was the the main part of this dessert.

Raspberry $18
A very expressive dessert with the red raspberry sauce all over the plate. We did give a big '"WOW" when our waiter brought this to the table.

Complimentary chocolate truffles and some green jelly cubes... the chocolate was good and we skipped the jellies. 

Food: 5.5/10
Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

  • Pork Jowl
  • The food and desserts were both average
  • There was a strong alcohol smell where we were seated at the restaurant, almost as if somebody broke a dozen bottles of it
Address: Level 2/100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000
Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm till late
Phone: (02) 8322 2075
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