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Combining Swedish and Japanese flavours, Sven-San aims to bring a new twist to modern Australian food. Located at the end of the fashion district in Paddington, the restaurant brings a relaxing atmosphere with a classic Scandinavian style of modern furniture, wooden floor and so on. Just like the setting, the plating of the dishes was also quite simple - sometimes less is more.

Sushi "Cake" (Like A Disc) Mixed Sashimi Grade Seafood $20
I'm guessing this dish got it's name from the way it resembled a round cake. Fresh slices of tuna and salmon were stacked around and over a rice base to complete the "cake". The presentation was interesting, however this dish was a little difficult to share.

Salt & Pepper Calamari, Yuzu Salt $16
These calamari rings were covered in a light batter and fried until crispy and served with a creamy mayo.

Prawn "Skagen Toast"
Toast Skagen is a traditional Scandinavian snack consisting of prawns mixed with mayo, fresh herbs and seasonings served on toasted bread. The combination of ingredients and flavours married incredibly well together - it was eggy, zingy and light. The buttery brioche made this a more luxurious version. Plump fish roe act as decoration and give it more umami.

Smashed Edamame "Hummus" $12
Sven-San is taking hummus a little further by replacing chickpeas with edamame to incorporate a Japanese element. While we liked the mild buttery flavour of the edamame, we found it quite acidic (perhaps the chef was a little too generous on the lemon). 

Prawn Crackers (comes with the hummus)
How about a trio of chips to go with the hummus? I certainly like the sound of that. So in the bowl there were sweet potato chips, sesame crackers and prawn crackers. Our favourite was the sweet potato, it was thin and crispy.

Fried Sushi Rice, Shitake Mushrooms, Pumpkin + 63° Egg & Shaved Bonito $26
Unlike Chinese style fried rice, this particular fried rice had a creamy and buttery taste with a sticky finish, we liked how it was different to the usual fried rice. Additionally, strips of bonito and an Onsen Tamago (soft-cooked egg) with silky egg white and a custard-like yolk were added to put a full-stop to the dish. No wonder this is one of Sven-San's signature dishes.

Octopus (Twice Cooked, Finished On The Coals) $28
Another crowd-pleaser dish - the tentacles were cooked until fork tender. The mix of fresh and pickled veg paired well together, which helped balance the smokiness of the octopus. 

Malted Chocolate Cake w Salted Caramel Sauce & Golden Gay-Time Gelato $15
Here is a dessert that will please the sweet-toothers out there. The chocolate cake had a dark rich flavour, and was covered with a sticky caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream. For us, we prefer it to be on the less sweet side, but if you like it sweet, then this is your cup of tea. 

Sven-San is one of the few places in Sydney we'd look to come back when they rotate their menu.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 8/10

  • Skagen toast & fried rice were our favourites
  • Good value
  • The lady that served us was lovely
  • The crackers were a little stale
  • Chocolate cake was a little sweet
Address: 495 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW, Australia
Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-late
Phone: (02) 9131 8454
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