The Paramount Coffee Project

by - February 13, 2017

This is our second visit to Paramount Coffee Project, the first time we came was when they first opened. The place is pretty much the same as before, except the menu has completely changed. It has a modern cafe decor and is relatively spacious unlike most cafes. We came here for a Sunday brunch without having done much planning, the place turned out not too busy and we got seated fairly quickly.

Iced Latte $4.5
We are not a big fan of coffee and usually drink more tea. However we do appreciate good coffee. PCP has a coffee selection that sounded interesting and the shop being named after a coffee endeavour tempted us to get one to try. We got the iced latte with OG blend
The menu said it had a malt, currant, caramel flavour. The coffee was rich and fragrant on the first sip, and after taking a few more sips a burnt caramel flavour was released except for there was no sweetness. The only thing is I'm not sure where the malt and currant elements were, maybe my taste for coffee is not sophisticated enough. 
French philly cheese sub $18
Piggy got the French philly cheese sub, the brisket was tender and the bun was nice and soft. However the flavouring was a little on the sweet side for me, and we had to balance it out by dipping it in the brisket soup that was given on the side.
PCP Gumbo $21
I got the PCP gumbo and I have to say this chicken was probably the best fried chicken I had for a long time since I don't usually like eating oily deep fried food. It was like a LV version of KFC chicken no kidding! Even though it was deep fried, the chicken wasn't greasy at all, in fact the meat was so flavourful, juicy and tender. I almost wanted to order another one...I also liked the little condiments on the side like okra, kale, pickled slaw and prawn crumbs, they added extra flavour and texture to the dish. The only thing I would leave out would be the corn bread, it is just not for me. 

At the end of our meal, Piggy and I were both quite satisfied. The food was good overall and the portion is great for the price we paid. 

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

  • The chicken

  • Corn bread
Address: 80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills Sydney 2010
Hours: Mon- Fri: 7am-4pm
            Sat: 7:30am-4pm
            Sun: 8am-4pm
Phone: (02) 9211 1122

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