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by - January 31, 2017

Want to experience Hong Kong street food without making a trip to Hong Kong? Queen Chow is the place for you! Chefs Patrick Friesen and Christopher Hogarth make regular trips to Hong Kong to absorb the essence and spirit of Hong Kong street food. They bring locally inspired dishes to our tables in Oueen’s Hotel in Enmore.
Queen Chow Steamed Dim Sum Platter $32
The platter comes with eight pieces of dim sum with two each of four different kinds:

Xiao long bao: This dumpling is pinched together to seal the top which creates a cascade of ripples. The inside is filled with minced pork and soup. Be careful when taking your first bite as it is very hot. Personally I found the pork had a slight odor, which is a minus.

Scallop dumplingA generous amount of prawns were used in the dumpling, topped with a slice of  scallop. The dumplings are cooked perfectly, the scallops and prawns complement each other.

Jade dumpling: I think spinach was the only ingredient used in the filling, taste wise it was good but could be more interesting.

Fungi dumpling: This dumpling is filled with mixed mushrooms, a small dumpling  that is packed with flavours.

Chong Qing hot and numbing chicken wings $18
Chong Qing hot and numbing chicken wings was the second dish to come. As soon as this dish landed on our table, we could smell the numbness of the Sichuan pepper (This spice is widely used in Sichuan cooking). It really rang the bell for me, and I was drooling...a right amount of Sichuan pepper was added to this dish and the numbness was just right, it couldn't be more or less. The chicken wings were deep fried and so they were crispy on the outside and tender+juicy on the inside. The only negative thing is that the dish was slightly on the salty side, we ended up getting a bowl of rice. 

Stir fried milk, prawns, prawn roe, tobiko, fried bread stick $24
At first I did not know what to expect from this dish, the only thing I recognise is the fried bread stick, which is traditionally eaten with soy milk for breakfast. After trying this dish, the creamy and tofu-like texture of the stir fried milk reminded me of something that I had in the past when I was a child. Have you ever had that feeling when trying some food and the taste is so familiar, something that you might have had a long time ago and that taste is imprinted in your memory? I quite like this dish, and enjoy the idea of eating the stir fried milk with the bread stick.
Honey glazed pork spareribs $21
We had a bit of drama when we got our honey glazed pork spareribs, my instinct told me there was something wrong with the dish. I was expecting the ribs to be attached to bones, and what we got was a plate of meat that was boneless. Then I remembered another dish on the menu, honey glazed pork neck...and I thought maybe they got the order mixed up. Just before the waiter was about to leave, we stopped him and asked what the dish was and he said "honey glazed pork neck". We told him we ordered the spareribs. Without thinking he immediately said "Oh, that is the honey glazed pork spareribs". Even though he noticed that we didn't look convinced, he turned his head and walked away immediately. 

We really wanted the spareribs because the pork neck looked like typical char siu that you can get elsewhere, so we talked to a girl and told her about the mix up. She saw the pork neck and said "that's the honey glazed pork neck" and said she will take it back to the kitchen. Everyone makes mistakes, the guy could have simply apologised and taken the dish back, it wasn't even his fault the order got mixed up. 

Luckily we stayed with the spareribs, the meat and fat ratio was just right. When you bite into the meat it is tender and juicy, with no impression of greasiness. A succulent dish for sure, highly recommended!

For dessert we ordered the forgotten koi fish in the frozen pond and coffee milk tea. The Chinese translation for these two dishes on the menu were both slightly off, which turned out kind of funny if you can read Chinese.
The forgotten koi fish in the frozen pond $15
This dish was pleasant for the eye as well as for the tummy, the two pieces of mango pudding were shaped like koi fish with a splash of red and black added to resemble the real thing (Got to praise the effort). The mango flavour really came through and the texture was silky and smooth. A bit of granita was used to remind you of the frozen pond. The mango sorbet on top was smooth and refreshing, apart from that it was a little too sour for me.
Coffee milk tea $15
The coffee milk tea is like a fansy version of the your everyday milk tea. A generous scoop of milk tea ice cream sits on top a few bite-sized chocolate and creme brulee sponge cakes and some mini salted caramel balls.  The dessert is then topped up with coffee cream which is light and airy.

All the dishes were satisfying for the taste buds. We were most impressed with the desserts and it was hard to pick which one we liked better, so I voted for the coffee milk tea and Piggy voted for the forgotten koi fish in the frozen pond.

Food: 9/10
Service: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10

  • Honey glazed pork spareribs
  • Coffee milk tea

Low light:
  • Service could be improved
Website: http://merivale.com.au/queenchow
Address: 2/167 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042
Hours: Mon-Thu: 12pm-2am
            Fri: 12pm-3am
            Sat: 10am-3am
            Sun: 10am-10pm
Phone: (02) 9249 3000

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