Mr Wong

by - September 27, 2017

Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, Mr Wong offers a premium yum cha experience for lunch. Here you won't see any traditional trolleys being pushed around, instead you order a la carte. The menu offers a mix of traditional and creative dim sum, while the restaurant is decorated with an oriental inspired look across two floors.

There was a truck load of duck ready to be roasted in the kitchen, however the duck isn't for Mr Piggy and I. We found the skin wasn't as crispy as we were expecting when we ordered it during a previous visit (so we stayed true to yum cha this time, except for dessert 😝).

Lobster & Scallop Dumpling $15
Despite an impressive set of ingredients, when ordering this dish, we were prepared for the worst. Cooking lobster requires technique and skill. When overcooked the crustacean can be rubbery and tough. The good news was these lobster dumplings turned out to be succulent and full of flavour, we couldn't have asked for more. 

King Prawn & Bamboo Shoot Dumpling $12
Prawn and bamboo shoot dumplings are something that is always on the menu at every yum cha restaurant. Mr Wong's version was on point, the prawns were beautiful and fresh. 

Wild Mushroom Dumpling $12
These mushroom dumplings weren't as good as the ones we had last time.

Prawn & Crispy Dough Rice Roll $16
I'm in love with this prawn cheung feng roll. The rice skin was smooth and silky, it was almost as thin as paper. In contrast the deep fried prawns and dough gave it a nice crunch, so you get the best part of both worlds.

Wagyu & Truffle Puff $15
This was a winner for us, the flaky puffy pastry falls apart in your mouth. The wagyu meat was so tender and was packed with a peppery and truffle aroma. 

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns $12
If time could go back, we wish we hadn't ordered this dish. The bun was soft and fluffy. However, the filling was dry and lacking in flavour. It didn't live up to the traditional BBQ pork bun that is filled with saucy tender BBQ pork. 

Golden Swan $15 (special of the day)
These swan pastries were just too pretty to be eaten, but we did what we had to do (we did serve them justice by taking lots of photos). Like the waygu puffs, each layer was well defined and perfectly crispy. The duck meat filling was soft and tender. 

Green Tea "Tres Leches" Cake $17
What we liked about this cake was that the matcha and yuzu flavours went really well together. The sponge was soaked with liquidy matcha, that made every bite enjoyable. What we didn't like was there was way too much yuzu cream on the top that made the cake a little too heavy. 

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Atmosphere: 9.5/10

  • Lobster dumplings
  • Wagyu puffs
  • Prawn rice roll
  • BBQ pork bun
Address: 3 Bridge Lane Sydney NSW 2000
Hours: Mon - Wed 12pm-3pm, 5:30-11pm
            Thu - Sat 12pm-3pm, 5:30-12am
            Sun 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm
Phone: 9240 3000
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