Great Dragon Traditional Hotpot

by - May 07, 2018

Sichuan style hot pot is something that many Chinese show great fondness towards. It's a great way to enjoy a meal with friends, particularly because of the lively atmosphere - there is something special about cooking your own food in one big pot. 

It's pungent fragrance of chilli oil and Sichuan pepper is the soul of this particular style of hot pot, and it's scent can be detected from miles away. If this is you cup of tea then without having to travel to China, Great Dragon is one of the places you can enjoy authentic Sichuan hot pot in Sydney

Before the feast begins, the first step is to pick the soup base. The classic way to go about it is to go for the half chilli and half white broth (usually made with chicken or pork). For the chilli half you can choose the level of spiciness - slightly spicy, moderately spicy or super spicy. 

Just a friendly reminder, we usually have a high tolerance for spicy food, and we got the slightly spicy soup. Honestly, even the lowest level of spiciness was still extremely spicy - the heat was face-melting. If time can rewind I wish I'd taken out some of the chilli and peppercorns before the waitstaff poured in the broth. This is your last chance to save yourself 😨.

Nourishing Fungus soup (L & M) Traditional Spicy Broth (R) $28.80
We got the three flavour soup with just two flavours, the chilli and peppercorn in the spicy broth created a numbingly-hot sensation for the tongue, and at the same time set our faces on fire. On the other hand the mushroom soup provided a soothing relief that had a traditional Chinese medicine aroma.

As to what goes in the pot, there are plenty of choices to pick from the menu - just indicate your desire number of servings in the box. A selection of raw meat and vegetables are available, and the cooking time required for each ingredient is shown on the menu. 

Crispy Pork $12.80
These fried pork pieces are great to nibble on while you wait for your food to cook. They can be enjoyed as they are or cooked in the hot pot, we prefer them crispy. These pork bites can be addictive, beware of the hidden peppercorns! Once you have too many of those buggers you might not know where your lips are for a while.

Frozen Tofu
Shiitake Mushrooms $8.80
Celtuce $7.80
Yam $6.80
Lamb Slices $12.80
Barbie Beef $36.80

What's fun about hot pot is that you can enjoy a wide selection of food and watch it cook in one pot and then dip it in your own DIY sauce. When it comes to hot pot it's all about the experience, and it's something worth trying.

Sauce Table
The sauce table has more than what you'll need, there is no right or wrong. Just let your imagination run wild and give to your friend who was too lazy to make his/her own 😝.

Ice Jelly $3.80
After all the heat, we were desperately in need for something to take away some of the fiery heat. This ice jelly worked well as a cooling aid, with a sweet brown sugar syrup and some crushed peanuts, dried hawthorn, goji and sultanas as toppings. 

A Cute Little Can Of Chilli Oil

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

  • A true hot pot experience - fun and full of surprising elements, although the ingredients could be better 
  • Quite pricey for the standard of food and service
  • The Chinese herbal taste of the mushroom soup base might not  be for everyone
  • During peak hours the queue can be over 30 mins

Address: 20 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000
Hours: Mon-Thu 11:45am-11pm
             Fri-Sat 11:45am-12pm
             Sun 11:45am-11pm
Phone: 0451 996 288
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