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by - January 13, 2018

During our 5 day holiday in the South Island, New Zealand, Mr Piggy and I found ourselves at Dam Good Fruit picking cherries! Glenvale Orchards is about 45 minutes drive from Queenstown. 

You can purchase prepacked cherries that are ready to go if you don't have time to pick your own cherries. There were also other stone fruit for sale when we were there in December. Depending on the month, there are different varieties of cherries available. There is no entry fee at Dam Good Fruit, but there is a minimum pick of 1kg per person at NZ$14 per kg. 

Cherry season in New Zealand runs from November to January
Cherry Ice Cream NZ$5
Before heading outside for some "intense" labor, we decided to treat ourselves with a freshly made cherry ice cream, and it was dam good delicious!

A map that shows where each variety is.

As we made our way into to the orchards the whole place was covered with endless rows of cherry trees! We didn't know where to begin.

New York

Eventually we decided to start with New York, which had a light and refreshing taste. The taste varies by tree even for the same variety, so the staff advised us to try first before picking more from the same tree.

Some cherries were so ripe for the picking, they'd fall to the ground with a little shake.

Out of all the varieties we tried Dawsons was probably our least favourite. This is the kind you typically find at supermarkets. It had a really mild cherry flavour, and firmness was somewhere in between New York and Bigalease.

L: New York, M: Bigalease, R: Dawsons
Bigalease is probably the red wine in cherries, it has this dark rich taste that's full-bodied. The flesh was firm and had this nice crunch to it.

Sweetness level
New York 8/10
Dawsons 6/10
Bigalease 8/10

Address: 216 Ripponvale Rd, Cromwell 9384, New Zealand
Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-6pm
Phone: +64 3-445 0733

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