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by - December 18, 2017

Mjølner is a viking-themed dungeon (I mean bar) nested in Redfern. From swords and armor to horn drinking vessels, every detail was carefully choreographed - that upon entry into the restaurant you feel you are time travelling to a lost world. This underground restaurant offers an extensive list of interesting cocktails and generous portions of meat dishes.

Aperitifs: Mead, Honey & Vermouth (Alcoholic); Honey, Bitter & Tonic (Non-alcoholic) - complementary
Before our meal, we were treated with a glass of aperitifs each. As non-alcoholics we went with the honey, bitter and tonic, which had a nice sweet fruity note. We were impressed by the experience and glad that they had a non-alcoholic option. 

Cured Tri Tip $24
We ordered the cured beef expecting it to be firmer in texture and more flavourful like other cured meats we've had. Unfortunately, this one had a really mild flavour and tasted more like raw beef, which we were not a big fan of. 

Roasted Bone Marrow $22
The bone marrow won our hearts, it was soft and smoky - almost like eating a fatty jelly that rendered away when it hit the tongue. 

Charred Octopus Tentacle $22
This tentacle was cooked with great techniques, it was charred to perfection. The outside was slightly crispy and the inside was succulent and juicy. 

To set the mood even more, Mjølner prepared a selection of knives for the diners to choose from for their mains. Each one is unique, and made it a more personal experience.

However, we decided not to use the knives in the end because on the day we didn't feel like too much meat and went with a vegetarian main...so we had mercy on the poor little eggplant.  

Braised Eggplant, Tomato & Almond Crunch $24
I had to say as a main dish this can probably make someone happy if his/her tummy is as small as a mouse - which stood in great contrast with the gigantic meat mains that we saw. In terms of the taste, the eggplant was nice and soft, but I found the flavours didn't marry each other.  

Food: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 8.5/10

  • Interesting theme 
  • Bone marrow & octopus were the standouts
  • Menu on the website wasn't up to date, we came for the terrine which wasn't available 
  • Food was slightly pricey, you are definitely paying for the experience
Address: 267 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016
Hours:  Mon Closed
             Tue-Sat 5pm-12am
             Sun 12-10pm
Phone: 0422 263 226
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