Nishiki Wagyu Yakiniku

by - August 06, 2017

Nishiki Wagyu Yakiniku, located in the Lower North Shore, pride themselves as the only Yakiniku restaurant specialising in full blood wagyu beef. The restaurant offers a la carte as well as a buffet menu. Mr Piggy and I went with the buffet menu so that we had more choices. 

We got a variety of cuts to try including the wagyu rib finger, wagyu rib meat, wagyu rump, wagyu outside skirt, wagyu flap meat, wagyu oyster blade, and wagyu rib with bone. The different cuts all varied in terms of flavour and texture. Our favoutite cuts were the rib meat that was juicy and tender, and both the rib with bone and rib finger, which had a nice chew to it.

The meat was covered in stunning marble which is what wagyu is all about! All the cuts cooked really fast due the the high fat content, without being greasy at all. Each piece of meat literally just melts in your mouth!

Garlic in Sesame Oil; Assorted Mushrooms in Butter, Onions
Assorted Kimchi, Stamina Scallop; Spicy Wagyu Beef Soup; Dumplings
These side dishes were quite standard, but kept us fed when we were waiting for the beef to cook.

Sweet sauce; Salt in Sesame oil; Soy sauce
All the wagyu came together on a big plate, which made it a little difficult to tell the different cuts apart...we had to check with the staff.

Mushrooms cooked in butter were delicious too.

Succulent wagyu on rice 😘

Pork Belly
We also ordered some pork belly, it was ok, but again the wagyu was the lightlight of the night.

Pork Neck
We've never had any success with barbecuing pork neck, despite the marbled meat. Somehow we always ended up with chewy pork (which isn't pleasant at all)...this time is no exception.

To make it a truly wagyu experience, we ordered a second round of meat...

As you might have guessed, by the end of the meal we could barely walk out the door...I think we have challenged our tummies to the limit this time, however we truly enjoyed the wagyu here. This is as good as Australian wagyu gets in Sydney. 

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Atmosphere: 6/10

  • Marbled wagyu
  • The atmosphere is not as flash as the wagyu
  • There is a 100minute time limit from when you sit down

Address: 270 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Hours: Mon-Sun Dinner 6-10pm (last seating at 8:30pm)
Phone: (02) 8021 6688
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